HostMental Affiliate Program

Partner with us & earn ∞ money.

Are you a big fan of HostMental? You can earn money through our Affiliate Program. You will be able to make money by diverting and converting your website, blog or app traffic into conversion at HostMental. Sign up today and get a bonus of ₹500 right now. Join the HostMental Affiliate Program Today!




You can create an affiliate account and start earning commissions with our affiliate program. We have made out thousands of free accounts to people just like you!



Create a HostMental Affiliate account and share your affiliate link or banner with your friends, family, website, social media, blogs, videos, etc. You'll receive 20% of the sales from your referrals.



Affiliates earn a fixed amount for every sale made through their affiliate link on each order. You can track the number of sales and how much you gained from each referral signup.

Our Commission Tiers � Refer More, Earn More
Earn Rs.63,000/- with just 21 referrals in a month

Signups/mo Commissions/mo
1-5 Rs.1250
6-10 Rs.1650
11-15 Rs.2250
16-20 Rs.2500
21+ Rs.3000

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is there any registration fee to join HostMental Affiliate Program?

Nopes, It's free. Many people want to work as an affiliate on their website or work as a freelancer. Often, they worry that they'll have to pay a fee before starting earning money. Our affiliate program is free to join, and we only give commission, not take. You will receive a bumper commission when someone clicks on your link and buys something from us.

Is any Hosting Plan need to be active for joining the HostMental Affiliate Program?

Not at all. You can start simply by making an account and activating the affiliate program in one click. Start earning by spreading your refer link in public can earn huge money.

Can I get any free reward after joining the HostMental Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is a great way to earn money as an online affiliate marketer. Earn money by simply signing up for our affiliate account and promoting our website. You'll receive a free 500 INR instant reward when joining our affiliate program.

How much-fixed commission can I earn in the HostMental Affiliate Program?

The answer is simple. You can make more money from people who join our hosting services by earning a 20% commission on every new member you refer to our site.

When and How will I get paid?

You can request a withdrawal once your amount exceeds 3,750/- INR. You can contact our support team to receive your approved commission (money) on your Bank Account, Wallet, UPI, PayPal, or HostMental account credit. It entirely depends on you.

HostMental © 2019-2022 | All Rights Reserved.

HostMental © 2019-2022 | All Rights Reserved.