Dedicated Servers

Get Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting with 99.9% Uptime, High-Performance, Powerful Dedicated Servers & 24/7 Support.

Why Choose Dedicated Server?

Boost the performance of your web projects with powerful hardware that's all yours. Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple.

Dedicated To You

Dedicated hosting gives you a whole server to yourself. You don’t share processing power or bandwidth with anyone else, so there’s no risk of other users competing for resource.

Maximum Control

Using an entire server, your websites can run faster and provide a better user experience. Our network also offers unlimited traffic and up to 1 Gbit/s connectivity.

Simple to use

All aspects of your dedicated hosting package can be managed via our intuitive control panel. No server admin is required, so you can focus on your projects while getting all the benefits of dedicated hardware.

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Dedicated servers varies depending on the ram, speed, and storage. You can contact us for a quotation.

A Look Inside HostMental Dedicated Servers

Dedicated performance and a full range of hosting features.

Powerful Servers

All our dedicated servers are powered by high quality, enterprise-grade hardware from leading players like Dell, HP and Supermicro. Servers are built to offer you the best speed and unparallel performance.

Host Unlimited Websites

There isn't any limitation on the number of websites that you wish to host. Also, you can move all your websites from shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting to a Dedicated Server.

Choice of Operating system

You can choose any operating system from Linux CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and RHEL. We take the responsibility of installing your selected OS on Linux dedicated server.

Free Control Panel Installation

cPanel and Plesk, the two leading control panels in the web hosting industry are available with us. You can purchase the license from us and we will install and configure them on your system.

Why Choose Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the ultimate in power, security, and control. With a dedicated server, you won’t have to share resources with anyone. Here are some of the top reasons that people choose a dedicated server over other hosting options:

High Traffic Load On Websites

The continuously high volume of traffic or continuously growing online business results in high-traffic on your site. This might outgrow the usage of your shared hosting or VPS Hosting. A Dedicated server will give your site the more power to run quickly, reliably, and without interruption even when your website gets high traffic.

Big E-commerce Websites

Big E-commerce website owners cannot afford the downtime in their business as this will directly impact to their sales. Downtime means the loss of sales for them, isn't it? A dedicated server will ensure that your online storefront can withstand high traffic during the busiest hours so as to keep your sales rolling up.

Big Web Agencies with High Profile Clients

Congratulations for having big and high profile clients.For a web designer or developer a dedicated server is a perfect place for their client needs with fast and reliable experience.Also, If your site and your's clients website receives at least one thousand unique visitors on a daily basis, then you should definately consider a dedicated server.

Host Unlimited Websites

Host as many websites as you want on our affordable dedicated server. There is no limitation! In addition, you can also shift your website from VPS or shared hosting.If you're a web designer or developer, you can easily make additional revenue from each of your clients, just by hosting their websites on your own dedicated server.

Page Load Times

Poor load times can have a negative effect on the performance of your website. Most visitors usually wait two to three seconds for a page to load, after which they simply hit The back button and go to The next website. In fact, page load time plays a major role in website traffic that Google has actually incorporated load speeds into SEO.

Security is a Top Priority

If you’re running a major online business, security should be a major priority. With web hosting services that have shared resources (Shared Hosting) you run the risk of security breaches and attacks. A dedicated server conversely offers optimal security for your websites and any stored user information.

Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting server setup
Control panel installation and configuration
Third-party software installation
Linux security and hardening
CMS and Web application installation
CSF Firewall installation and configuration
Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
Database optimization
Network fine tuning
Server performance fine tuning
Security optimization
Kernel patch updates
Malware, virus detection and protection
Installation of security patches and updates
Spam protection
Database and Website security
Protection against server blacklisting
Dedicated Server migration
rDNS setup
Hardware and network related issues
Unlimited ticket, emails and chat support

Questions regarding Dedicated Server ?

Some Dedicated Server Hosting's Basic Questions & Answers Listed Below,this will makes you more clear about hosting services and confident.Ready. Set. Go for India's Cheap and Lowest Cost Price Hosting Platform.

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What is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of remote server that is dedicated to an individual, organization or application. With a shared hosting plan, a customer shares a server with multiple customers. Whereas, in a dedicated server a customer leases a whole server along with all of its resources.

Dedicated Servers are ideal for medium/large businesses and heavy-traffic websites. It provides maximum customization, configuration, and overall flexibility.

There are several ways to access the server: SSH - access your server through any SSH client using root credentials cPanel - access and manage your server through the cPanel/WHM control panel Dedicated Server Control Panel - Stop, start and restart your server through our web-based control panel, which comes bundled with every server.

We provide cPanel and Plesk control panel option with all our dedicated server locations. If you purchase the control panel from us then our team will install and configure the control panel on your server.

No, Dedicated Server does not comes with 15 Days Money Back Guarantee.

We have not set any limit on the number of websites that you can host on your server. You can host as many websites as you want and the only restriction is the amount of free resources available on the server.

We provide CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu & Debian option in Operating System. You will get the option to choose the OS at the time of sign-up.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting = With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you just rent a blank server and customize it according to your needs. You will be in charge of all the technical tasks like server maintenance, security, software updates and everything that is required to keep your server secure and smoothly sunning. Managed dedicated hosting = With managed dedicated hosting, you get a separate allocated team of experts that will carry out the setup and management of your dedicated server tasks. You can reach out to your team any time of day and they will resolve the technical issues for you.

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